"Cronulla Eighteen is a niche consultancy that provides a distinctive service in the areas of Procurement and Supply Chain Management. We provide advice and interim services as needed, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we offer our clients on a local or global basis.

Our aim is to help businesses achieve their strategic objectives whether they are long-term or short-term.

Our team are practiced professionals with good sound understanding in their range of expertise. If you are looking for a tailored solution then look no further than Cronulla Eighteen."
Darren Moroney


Welcome to Cronulla Eighteen.

Companies are becoming more focused on reducing costs and making things more efficient. It’s the way of the world. Competition is at the door and we need to ensure shareholder value.

We want things cheaper, quicker and at the same quality. Therefore, we either need to work with what we have or re-engineer and do things differently. But what is true, is we need to do something. Market conditions are changing all the time and we need to be aware of this to ensure maximum value can be extracted.

If you need help in achieving your short-term or long-term objectives than drop us a line.

About Us

Darren Moroney

Darren has a Masters of Management in Operations and has over 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry. Darren started Cronulla Eighteen in 2013 and has mainly worked on projects in the Procurement space, managing and negotiating contracts. Prior to this Darren was the Associated Procurement Director for Merck, Sharp & Dohme in the Netherlands and previous to this was the Director of Operations for Abbott in Australia and New Zealand. icon

Carmen Oortwijn

Carmen has a Bachelor of Business, Law and Economics and has over 15 years-experience in the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry. Prior to Cronulla Eighteen Carmen has held positions within Supply Chain at Abbott, Actavis, Astellas and Mylan. Carmen was the head of Supply Chain in the Netherlands for Mylan, and for the last 12 months has worked on the Mylan SAP implementation for Western Europe. icon


Cronulla Eighteen can provide the following Services:


•  Category Intelligence
•  Category Management
•  Negotiation and Contracts
•  Compliance Review
•  Diagnostic Assessment
•  Outsourcing
•  Spend Analysis
•  Strategic Sourcing

Supply Chain

•  Inventory Management
•  Inventory Planning
•  Demand Management
•  Inhouse & 3PL Warehousing


•  Strategy Development
•  Sales, Operations and Planning
•  Master Data Management
•  Interim Management
•  Project Management

No project is considered too small or too big. We will always provide a fast and efficient service.


Our base Terms & Conditions can be found here.


imageIf you would like to learn more about what we do, or would like further clarification, don't hesitate to contact us for questions. We are more than happy to talk about your needs and provvide a quotation when required.

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